06 February 2009

Wild Hollow

Wild Hollow, December 2008, Audubon Coffee Shop "Tea and the Classics". L to R: Colleen Bertsch, violin; Dee Langley, free-bass accordion; Katrina Mundinger, clarinet

Picture by: John Omorean

02 February 2009

ATG Board in Mesa, Arizona

One more "official" picture taken at the Frank Marocco Accordion Event in Mesa, Arizona, January 2009, the ATG Executive Committee and Past Presidents with Frank Marocco.

L to R: Amy Jo Sawyer, Past President; Dee Langley, President; Frank Marocco, honored friend: Bruce Lawrie, Treasurer; Mary Tokarski, 2nd Vice President; Stas Venglevski, Past President.

01 February 2009

ATG at Moracco Accordion Event

There's something very special about getting together with people having a good time with music and it was my priviledge to hang out with the accordionists, workshop presenters and guest artists attending the Frank Marocco Accordion Event in Mesa, Arizona. It was also sublime to have so many current, new and returning ATG members present. Here a picture of the ATG members that attended the event......

Of course I like this one of Frank and me