03 September 2008

Timeless Accordion Music

One of the perks of having a long association with American accordion activities is the wealth of music in my files from the past 100 years. Most of this music is unpublished now but some still available for sale. The original music written for the accordion is a treasure trove of history, the picture to the right is a scan of the cover for Trieste Overture with a copyright date of 1916 by O. Pagani Bro., New York.

Trieste Overture has been widely used by teachers and performers and is still for sale from Deffner Publications. http://www.accordions.com/deffnerm/solo/solo_tp_tz_1.html

02 September 2008

Shelves of Accordions

I've been asked many times how many accordions I own. At one time, when I had my studio/store open I would have said 200 or so as I had a nice stock of new and used instruments for sale. Now the answer is four. A Titano Bass accordion (for ensembles) that I personally rarely get a chance to play, a Pigini B-system chromatic 4/5 reed musette that I adore playing and use in teaching, a Titano Cochran Emperor 4/7 with free bass, pedal tones and extended right hand for concert work, and the work horse of my team a Titano Grand 3/5 from the early 60's - no frills - just a hefty reed sound great for folk music. If I had my way and money be of no object I'd have more instruments to choose from.

The picture to the above is from the Pigini accordion factory, the instruments on the shelves are not complete but waiting for their bellows and bass sections. Oh, to have a private shelf of completed accordions to choose from!