06 July 2012

Just draw me a picture

I've been overseas more than a dozen times so I know I'll need some type of voltage converter for my battery chargers and such. Searching for information on what electrical outlets Serbia might provide I came across this explanation:

Type C
Type C is the most common outlet used in Europe. It is sometimes called the "Europlug." It is not grounded and includes two rounded 0.157-inch pins. It is 250 volts and widely used in all of Europe.
The type C plug can be used in Type E, Type F, Type J, Type K and Type L outlets. It can also be forced to work with Type D and Type G sockets.

More confused than ever I checked the images from the search I found this:

Type C Plug
Oh, that one! The proper voltage converter is now packed.

05 July 2012

Hoofing it in Europe

Part of traveling outside of the United States is depending on your feet rather than a car. Walking a mile or more every day has been a great addition to my preparation for enjoying recreation and shopping time after hours at Amala School. These nice hikes in our Twin Cities parks have been fun and relaxing; this picture was taken today during a short break from walking on a lovely (albeit humid and 93 degrees) afternoon.
Central Park, Roseville, Minnesota

04 July 2012

Food, no matter where you go, there you are

Today was the 4th of July in America. Most people had meat on the grill, corn on the cob and watermelon. Knowing that my meal was similar to so many million people living in my own country made me curious as to what a favorite dish of the Balkans would look like.

American Burger

Balkan Pljeskavica
It's nice to know we all share some things in common.

03 July 2012

Listen to Serbian Radio

There are many things that enter into a cultural experience, music and the sound of the spoken language are two important parts.

I spent this morning looking for an app to listen to live Serbian radio. EnjoyIT Radio Serbia is now installed on my phone, was it a treat to plug my phone into the computer speakers and have songs from Serbia right in my dining room clear and gorgeous.

If you are one of the many that do not have a phone that does such tricks with apps, you can use the Internet and stream music live from all over the world. Here is a link to such a site:


Serbian Flag

02 July 2012

Traditional Serbian & Romani Dress

I found these two delightful pictures while looking for examples of textiles that might be found in the shops around Veljevo, Serbia. The top picture was taken and blogged by Paul White when he was in Transylvania, Romania, not terribly far from Serbia.

The bottom picture is from the Magelan Travel Agency web site and features different regional Serbian costumes.