22 March 2011

Ethnic Fest in Walker, Minnesota

When you are a musician there are all kinds of experiences to share. OBI (Orkestar Bez Ime) found more surprises than usual in Walker, Minnesota during Ethnic Days last year.  It was such a fun experience that we are delighted to be asked back for another party...um...I mean show!

This poster is from last year, I took it from the Facebook event page created for the new weekend in 2011, September 10 & 11.

This folk festival has special meaning for me because my maternal grandfather was born in Walker around 1880. Although he left that area to come to Minneapolis early in his life,the Leech Lake area of Minnesota has a nice 'coming home' feeling for me.  And...these folks know how to party! Pictures to follow.

21 March 2011

Squeezer in Folk Art:: Door County Folk Festival

Last year while OBI (Orkestar Bez Ime) was playing at Door County Folk Festival a delightful woman gave our friend Julie Hughes (Do Zore) a drawing of our two bands and dancers.  Thanks, Mary Prince, for sharing your gift with us!
by Mary Prince - Folk Artist

20 March 2011

Potent Accordion

Yesterday Wild Hollow performed at the Waconia Library in Carver County, Minnesota for the 'Live at the Library!' Concert Series.  The road trip was wonderful, the attendance was great. When we walked through the library door a big, "Hi, Dee!" greeted us and soon the same librarian handed me these two posted articles.  I was a little surprised to see that, even though Wild Hollow is a balanced classical group that plays string quartet material, they focused on the accordion alone.
Waconia Patriot
Carver County News

Thanks to the good folk of Carver County that were so excited to hear classical accordion, but also to my performance partners, Colleen Bertsch (violin) and Katrina Mundinger (clarinet) who have dedicated their talent to becoming proficient at working with the accordion. And also deepest appreciation to Phil Nusbaum who headed these library concerts.