06 January 2014

Getting Ready for AAMS

This March I'll be presenting a workshop telling of my experiences at Amala School in Valejo, Serbia during the summer of 2012. Amala School is an opportunity to live with Rroma (Gypsy) musicians and learn music and language. It was an indescribable experience but I will do my best to pass along the some of the things I learned to others.
Accordion and Clarinet teacher, Amala School, 2012
Here is a description of my workshop:

Play Gypsy (Rroma) Music Today - Dee Langley
Experience the excitement and fulfillment of music at your fingertips while exploring the rich, mysterious, and romantic melodies of the Rroma people. During the summer of 2012 Dee attended the Amala School in Vallejo, Serbia where she lived with and was taught by Gypsy (Rroma) musicians. This workshop is open to anyone who has a desire to experience world cultures through music and learn more about what the Rroma people are really like.

AAMS is held in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Music Teachers Guild - March 28, 29, - 30 in Whippany, New Jersey.