30 June 2012

Gifts of Quilting - an old post gone missing

Quilted by Dee Langley
Note: I was amazed to find this in my blog draft folder. It's a description of the host presents taken to Serbia July of 2012. Figured better late than never so here it is.

June of 2012

Time to start thinking about the little details of the trip, like gifts for our hosts and teachers at Amala School, Valjevo, Serbia. We (OBI) decided to bring books about Minnesota and these quilted ornaments. I made 12 of them in bright colors of pink, green and orange.

Quilting in America has an interesting history. From Wikipedia:

Leading up to the American Civil War, quilts were made to raise funds to support the abolitionist movement then during the war, quilts were made to raise funds for the war effort and to give warmth and comfort to soldiers. Even before 1830 abolitionists were working hard to end slavery. One way they did this was to hold grand fairs to raise both awareness and money for the abolitionist cause. Quilts were one of many craft pieces sold at these fairs.

Quilted by Dee Langley
Amish quilts are appreciated for their bold graphic designs, distinctive color combinations, and exceptional stitching. Quilts are created for everyday use or to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, raising funds for the church or community cause. Their quilts have become collectors’ items all over the world.

Today American quilters are still giving through their craft, Quilts For Kids is one such organization. People from all over American donate their time and fabric to make quilts for children in the hospital, to make their stay more homelike.

I will be very proud to leave these 'love and good luck' quilted ornaments in Serbia as a token of appreciation and heartfelt thanks for making us feel at home.

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