23 June 2012

Learning about Veljevo, Serbia

Valjevo Panorama - uptown part of the city and Church (source - Wiki)
With 24 days left before my Romani experience I took a spin through Wikipedia. The information below is my translation of the facts offered in the History online.

Condensed History:

In the nearby village of Petnica, scientists found the first complete 6,000 year old Neolithic habitat in Serbia.

In Ancient Roman time this area was an integral part of the province Moesia.

Valjevo was mentioned for the first time in 1393 when it was an important staging post on the trade route that connected Bosnia to Belgrade.

During the First World War the battle of Kolubara was fought in the vicinity of Valjevo where there was a large hospital that helped the wounded.

The city of Valjevo suffered vast destruction during World War II and again at the end of the 20th century when it was repeatedly bombed during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

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